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For a long time, bunion surgery had a reputation for being very painful with a lengthy recovery period. Indeed, many people put up with their bunions for years rather than face surgery. This was because older techniques involved cutting the bone and not using any form of fixation. Newer techniques introduced during the past decade enabled surgeons to fix the bones into the correct position, reducing pain and promoting a better, more controlled recovery. Surgeons use instruments originally developed for head, face and neck surgery, which are very fine and rotate at high speed to make tiny, precise cuts. Nov. 17th 2011- Two hours post surgery I was already fitted with a big boot, and told that I could walk in it. Got wheeled to the car and off to home we went. Got home, ate a ton of food, I was STARVIN. Went to bed in my boot, elevated it on a pillow, and slept all night. I recommend two big & fluffy towels to set on the edge of the tub or shower door. If you have the option, it's best to add one of those hand held/mounted shower delios so you can sit on the shower floor and put your foot out the door. Singh et al., have described a modified step cut osteotomy for the shortened first metatarsal with metatarsalgia. 14 They had shown that adequate relief of metatarsalgia was achieved in patients who had 10mm lengthening. There is no report in the literature of patients developing arthritis of the first MTPJ following lengthening of the short first metatarsal. Our patient developed arthritis of the first MTPJ after a lengthening Scarf procedure two years later. In our patient there was no evidence of AVN of the first metatarsal head. Another explanation for the early development of arthritis could be the increased pressure of the first MTPJ following the lengthening. People who are due to have surgery to remove a hemorrhoid will want to know what to expect during their hemorrhoid surgery recovery. Obviously as soon as the operation is over the patient will feel initially groggy and will need time to recover from the anesthetic. It is also recommended that anyone who has had surgery to remove a hemorrhoid takes painkillers to ease the pain that they will be feeling. read more If the pain is not caused by a strain through going to far or too fast, too quickly before warming up , or being properly trained for the level of speed there are three other possible causes.hallux valgus icd 9 Foot pain can have a debilitating effect on your daily life. At Blue Ridge Orthopaedic and Spine Center we offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical methods. We take great care to understand the root cause of a problem, not just its symptoms. This allows us to identify the most desirable treatment to achieve lasting recovery in the shortest time possible. For more information please contact one of our foot and ankle specialists at 540.347.9220 or visit Two large, soft towels to line the shower door with since my calve will be sitting on it while I shower. Got my first bath since surgery. Oh boy. I'd advise everyone to have someone with you that you don't mind seeing you completely naked, gross, un-shaved, and who's strong enough to make up for one of your legs. Not getting it wet, despite the bags covering it, requires some serious ACME skillz! Looking everywhere online for other people's experiences but can't find anything. I need some help but I guess double osteotomies and bunionectomies aren't too common. NOTE TO everyone who's had a bunionectomy. YOU HAVE NO idea. Take note, this surgery is life changing, at least during the time you are healing. Toenail pain mostly involves some form of disruption of the outer hard nail and the inner smooth surface. Consequently, part of any therapy involves safety of the nail and the surrounding region from damaging irritants and trauma. There should be routine avoidance of grease-cutting agents, such as soap and detergent. An emollient should be used as a soap substitute followed by a moisturizer. So today, it being rainy and cold and my foot barking up a storm, I started wondering if I should have specifically stated that I was claiming for hallux valgus? Is it even ratable? How bad does it have to be? Early in the Spring I began to get treatment for my painful bunions and pinched nerves in both my feet. My entire summer was filled with podiatrist appointments to get cortisone shots to try and keep the pain at a minimum. Yes, bunions can be very painful and the added bonus of pinched nerves is no picnic. Surgery is the only option to eliminate the pain, but I am trying to hold off as long as possible. After the bunions on both my feet became extremely painful I worried that I would have to give up my exercise routine.